STG Statement of Qualifications June 2014 - Page 17

STGINCORPOR ATED.COM 17 SERVICES • Constructability consultation • Prefabricated and field-fabricated construction • Prefabricated horizontal construction • Diked construction and tank installation • Double-wall construction and tank installation • Total renovation PROJECT SPOTLIGHT Ruby Fuel Storage Facility In 2009, the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) commissioned the complete renovation of the bulk fuel storage facility in Ruby with two main objectives: to construct a new facility and to maintain operations of the existing one. However, the new facility had to be built in almost the exact same spot as the one it was replacing. It was crucial for construction of the new facility to finish in time for the final fuel shipment of the season. STG designed and rapidly executed an effective work plan to ensure that Ruby’s 180 residents had a place to store fuel before winter—STG finished construction in one summer. Ruby can now store 30,000 gallons of gasoline and 130,000 gallons of diesel fuel year-round. Above: Bulk fuel tanks | Ruby 2009 Below: Bulk fuel tanks | Kasigluk 2006