STG Statement of Qualifications June 2014 - Page 14

14 STGINCORPOR ATED.COM SERVICES • Constructability consultation • Village intertie construction • Gravel pad installation • Pile foundation installation • Direct-set poles • Poles installed on piles PROJECT SPOTLIGHT Stebbins Power Plant The nearly 600 residents of Stebbins rely on power produced at the community’s power plant every day. Firmly planted in the same spot for decades, an expansion of the local airport forced it to uproot. Rather than relocate the aged facility, the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) invested in a new, state-of-the-art rural generation system. Together with AVEC, STG mapped out a phased schedule to fast-track the construction of a new, more efficient power plant to better recover heat during the generation process. From identifying longlead materials and procuring equipment to coordinating barges and installing the steel foundation and poles, STG ensured that the project schedule was met without interrupting the community’s access to electricity. Top: Emergency backup power plant | Selawik 2004 Below: Constructing intertie | Brevig Mission to Teller 2011