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PS4 PRO Review

there are many videogame console in the world, but we going to talk about one: The Playstation 4 Pro or Ps4 Pro. Ps4 Pro is an improved version of the regular Playstation 4 and it's one of the best consoles in the world.

The first reason is the features. Ps4 pro can play in 4K HDR but it can’t play in 4k Blu-ray. Ps4 pro have only a have drive of 1TB but the best last vasion have 500GB and 1TB. You can buy the Ps4 pro in different price around 300 to 480$. Ps4 pro have different design: sightly bigger than standard ps4, Additional 3.1 USb on the rear, Upgraded Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

The second reason is Hardware of Ps4 Pro. Ps4 Pro controller have minor changes mode, can be used in wired or wireless modes, light be added to front of controller. Ps4 pro shell is more bigger that that classic ps4 that's why the ps4 pro have more and better components and ventilation is much better. Ps4 pro have 5 different parts power port, HDMI, usb, Usb 3.1, Ethernet.

The third reason is Performance, Looks great on a 4K TV much better than full HD. Substantial improvements for virtual reality titles, PS4 Pro VR mode titles feel like they’re not only better looking with more detailed textures, but they also feel faster in terms of framerate on the new system.

In conclusion, the Ps4 Pro is a good console in 2017 for the graphics and virtual reality.