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The third reason that “The Last of U.S” is the best videogame is the Characters. Joel is the main protagonist of “The last of us” Originally from Texas , he survival when the infection started and after his daughter died. She was killed by an army soldier at the start of the infection. He decide to live in quarantine zone with his best friend ,Tess. Another character is Ellie. She is a fourteen-year-old who surviving a bite from the infected and has the cure. She was the daughter of Marlene’s best friend. Marlene is the leader of the fireflies, a militia movement hoping to wrest control of the quarantine zones from the military. She wants the cure to the infection over all things and does not care if Ellie dies.

Some people say Black ops or Grand theft Auto V are the best video games but they are not. The best video game is “The Last of U.S” because it has the best graphics, the best story, and interesting characters. For all these reasons, the Last of US is the best videogame. It won an award over 240 game of the year awards, it received numerous awards for its previews at E3. And of course, if you like videogames you need to try this game.