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The Last of us

The world has a lot of video games. There are different type of video games for everybody. But for a lot people and myself, the best videogames is “The Last of Us”. “The last of US” was created for Naughty Dog. The game was developed in 2009 and released to the public in June 14, 2013.

The first reason that “The Last of Us” is the best videogame is because the game has great graphics. The higher-fidelity backgrounds are impressive as, and so is, the improved detail in the characters themselves. Words benefit from this upgrade the most, naturally, and the improvement is apparent in gameplay as well as in cut scenes. The words in the remastered version are better. You can even read the comic book that Ellie is reading. In the letter you find around the game, and the advertising in the walls. Naughty Dog include some additional Ps-4 specific features in “The Last of Us Remastered”

The second reason that “The last of us” is the best videogame is the story. In the U.S appeared an outbreak of a mutant fungus, transforming its human host into cannibalistic monsters known as “infected”. The leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, who fought against the government, promise to Joel and Tess to double their cache (weapons) in return for smuggling a teenage girl, Ellie, out of the quarantine zone to the capitol outside of the city. After Tess died, Joel promised to take Ellie to the Fireflies. Then Joel and Ellie travel around the country to find the Fireflies. When they found Fireflies Joel regrets doing it because Marlene told Joel they need to operate on Ellie and take out the cure of the infection or Ellie is going to died. Then Joel killed a lot fireflies and Marlene to saved Ellie and they escape to the quarantine zone. The story is interesting and full of suspense and adventure.