Steppin' Out Magazine July 2015 - Page 22

EXPRESSIONS: RIGHT OR WRONG Lisa Johnson — A Poet and Writer who lives in Mobile There comes a time when physical growth ceases. However, wisdom and spiritual growth can be unending. People learn and grow in different stages. For instance you might have a child that doesn’t have to pick up a book or study because they get it. Perhaps they have the ability to listen well and grasp the concept of the lesson being taught. On the other hand, you have a child that needs to study around the clock so to speak because he or she just can’t seem to grasp the point. When parents/teachers consult together and take time to nurture a child’s abilities, growth results (Proverbs 15:22). I feel like a child will learn to get what you’re teaching if you come up with something creative that gets them involved. They might not get 1+1=2 whereas if you placed 1 can of whole kernel corn next to 1 can of cream corn and ask how many cans of corn they see, they’ll grasp the concept more easily. This results not only in them learning arithmetic but also in knowing that there are varieties of corn. So if you’ve had the habit of fussing and yelling at your child for not getting it, come up with some creative ideas to help them grasp what you’re teaching. For the child that gets it, that’s great but eventually in life they’ll have to learn the concept of study especially when it comes to spiritual growth. Although you can listen to a minister from a platform or pulpit, each person must still read and study God’s Word for themselves. As a person studies, meditates, and applies Bible truth, he/she begins t