Steppin' Out Magazine July 2015 - Page 20

Ask Flo! Q Dear Flo, I am so dismayed by the current affairs of church and state. How can I keep my faith and continue to believe when it seems that the world is turning on God. How can someone shoot people at bible study? —James A Dear JAMES, I am dismayed, frustrated and hurt also. I think I’m in totally shock. However, I believe. I believe that we have been here before and we will make it through this transition in faith. Every generation has a cross burning situation and we must stand strong on our faith and our love for each other. It is impossible to not be scared or even doubtful at times like these but I would like to make a suggestion. When I feel weary, I seek out a warrior. A warrior is someone who has been through test and trails and has the war scares to show but they also have a story of victory (how they got over). Find a warrior and allow them to pour words or wisdom and perseverance into your spirit. Now is not the time to retreat but the time to stand next to warriors and hold on. I am sure the ride to liberty, freedom and love is going to get harder before it gets better but I declare with you “I have faith”. May your days seem brighter. Hug your love ones, speak a kind word, and share your struggles with others. You may just be the warrior others are looking for. D Do you have questions for Flo? Page 20 Charitable Pharmacy Moving After 18 Years On