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about steppin’ out... Contributors... STEPPIN’ OUT is a subsidiary of Legacy 166 Inc., a non-profit organization with a Mission to provide Educational, Career, and Economic opportunities for Youth and the Underserved of Diverse Cultures; make available Cultural Activities for community participation; and deliver Quality of Life Skills Training through the Arts and Community Collaborations. STEPPIN’ OUT provides quality of life information to the community each month at no cost to the reader. Even though STEPPIN’ OUT is not a “hard news’ publication, the columns submitted by our contributors touch on subjects that address a wide range of community and cultural issues. Regular features include articles on health, history, entertainment, and finance. Articles on fashion, literature, and technology are some of the subjects that are occasionally featured. STEPPIN’ OUT and Legacy 166 Inc. will continue to expand their roles in the community by offering internships and career training, and youth development and work opportunities. Volunteers are always needed with this mission. Publisher............................. Greg Cyprian Director of Media/Marketing ..... Lynn Ridley Steppin’ out welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding this publication. For information on advertising, to comment on subject matter, or to volunteer your services, please contact us at: Steppin’ Out PO Box 6781 Mobile AL 36660 (251) 533-5726 STEPPIN’ OUT reserves the right to refuse any advertisement it deems inappropriate for our readers or that does not meet the publications standard of quality. Arthur Mack Featured Article: Thinking Outside of the Box Destinee Bolden Featured Article: fashion hot spot Fashion hot spot Florence Featured Article: Birthday in Heaven It’s your birthday up in heaven, and I’m wondering what you’ll do. ASK FLO Will there be a celebration And a cake to honor you? Foodie and Friend Featured Article: Are the kitchen angels busy Breaking eggs and sifting flour? Foodie finds Joanie Stiff-Love Featured Article: AFTER HOURS Lisa Johnson Featured Article: expressions Memphis Vaughan Jr Featured Article: Is the angel choir practicing As it gets close to the hour? Is there ice cream made from snowflakes And some candy made from clouds? Will it be just you and Jesus, Or all the happy crowds? I won’t be there to hug you Or to count and pull your ears, And I’m sure I’ll feel lonely As I shed some birthday tears, TAKING MOBILE TO THE NEXT LEVEL But I know your heavenly birthday Will be your best one ever! Nathaniel Patterson Featured Article: Just remember, I still love you — On your birthday, and forever! MARKETING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS —Connie Faust Tanene Jackson Featured Article: TRANSITIONING BASICS visit us Online... -and- e-mail us... Page 02 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by the contributors in Steppin’ Out are those of the columnist and do not necessarily represent the views of Steppin’ Out, its advertisers, Legacy 166, or its Board of Directors. The contributors in this publication are free to express their own opinions. Nothing in these columns should be construed as Steppin’ Out, its advertisers, Legacy 166, or its Board of Directors supporting or opposing any specific view. JULY 2015