Steppin' Out Magazine July 2015 - Page 16

Women’s Business Center of Rural Alabama Welcomes New Project Director THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX Arthur L. Mack Freelance Writer Mobile, Alabama Contact Info: The More Things Change... The More they Remain the Same In the aftermath of the murders of nine people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, I’ve asked myself time and time again: Are we reliving the past again? The alleged Charleston shooter, Dylann Storm Roof—who reportedly espoused racist ties and in one picture was shown wearing a jacket with patches of the old flags of South Africa and Rhodesia—is being held in jail under $1 million dollars bond. The crime was in itself heinous, but the fact that it was a white man shooting and killing nine people in a house of worship brought up very bad memories for many during the civil rights era, when black churches were targeted for violence—the most notable being the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing of 1963 in Birmingham which killed four little girls. My initial reactions to the shootings—which took the life of the church’s pastor, Rev Clementa Pinckney (who was also a state senator) along with eight other people who were going about their business participating in a Bible study class—were those of sickness,