Steelers vs. Jaguars Game Day Newsletter 7 NOV 18th Steelers_DIGITAL - Page 80

AP IMAGES meetings, including last year’s regular season/ postseason sweep. If anything can wake the Jaguars out of their midseason slumber, it’s the Black and Yellow coming to town. If you are in any way connected to the NFL – as a fan, player, writer, coach, broadcaster – everything gets turned up a bit when the Steelers come in and the towels are waving. The truth is, it does not matter who the Jaguars are playing right now. It could be the struggling Oakland Raiders, it could be the high-fl ying New Orleans Saints: The bottom line is that this losing streak and everything that has led to it is a Jaguars problem and a Jaguars problem only. Only the Jaguars can correct the busts in the secondary from last week. Only the Jaguars can perform better in the running game as an offense. Only the Jaguars can hold on to the football in a key situation late in a second- or fourth-quarter and avoid a game-swinging turnover. Only the Jaguars can convert in all special teams scoring situations. Only the Jaguars can play consistent football for four quarters and win. We have all talked about the “must-win” nature of the last few weeks for the Jaguars, but the Jaguars have not come away with a win in any of those games. Sure, the Jaguars mathematically could run the table and be in the hunt for the postseason, but on the fl ip side mathematical elimination is right around the corner – and we are not even to Thanksgiving. You can certainly add this game to the list of “must-wins,” but the Jaguars are quickly running out of “must-win” games that they can afford to lose.