Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 99 came from? Michèl: I became passionate by espacially tree Pythons at the end of the 90's and bevor that I had a penchant for the genus Lampropeltis.The near-natural idyll in my snake room is like a refuge for me . My job as supervisor in a workshop for the handicapped is mentally demanding. After work I often withdraw in my breeding rooms and enjoy the silence and stillness of my pythons. I appreciate the sight of their colours and the grace of their bodies. No designer could create such a perfect interplay of colours like it does the nature. My targeted breed has the objective to counteract the overexploitation and when as a result just one of them could stay at the rainforest then I would come one step closer to my goal. Dave: What I love about snakes is that they always seem to be peacefull and convinced of their strengh. To observe them makes me feel relaxed. Tarantulas are terrifiying creatures with wonderfull colours and they don't need much space so it is an easy interior decoration. For me the human race still is insignificant and small to mother nature. Yes we discovered fire but we are lost when the weather is stormy. Reptiles have adapted themeselfs to their environement so they envolved themselfs and what we always use to do is changing the nature so we can survive. Herpetology is the branch of zoology concerned with the study of amphibians and reptiles and a domain that has been a long time male-dominated. As that is also the case for metal I asked Dave if he thinks that the strenght he talked about could be in someway similar to represent the rude and masculin side of metal. I think both scenes are espacially respecting women. Steel Notes Magazine Dave: There is in way a commonness by contemplating the strengh of the nature yes. Some poeple also think it would be some way of life in it but I disagree with it. More and more women join the metal scene as well as the terraristic. You cannot speak about rock without speaking about women. Everybody knows the phrase „sex, drugs and rock'n roll“. I think behind most songs there is a women. For example „ Angie“, „Satisfaction“, „The Jack“,“ Suspicious Mind“, „Still Loving You“. I think women have always been a source of inspiration even if they could be really annoying to. Both artists agreed with the fact that metal and herpetology represent a subculture far away from mainstream and this could probably be something fascinating for those poeple who don't know that much about these things. So I asked them to describe in which way metal is fascinating to them. Dave: The energie, and to share it with the audience! To give everything in a riff and to see how your music let the poeple go crazy when you play it. I love every music as long as it contains guitare, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Saxon even The Beatles, les Stones, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Hendrix and many more. Michèl: My way of metal is the oppositional tension between ecstasy and absolute tranquillity and idyll. Fast playfull parts followed by calm passages. I grew up with metal. I cannot help playing metal when I get a bass in my hands. This description reminded me of the adrenaline you sometimes get taking care of exotic animals so I wanted him to tell me more Steel Notes Magazine about it. 99