Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 98

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 èl h c i M is e n o Kr w e i v r Inte s e l i t Rep l a t e M d an Interview by Inès Honig most people feel a affinity with someone having the same pets. But what happens when you become more familiar with someone and tell about love for reptile? On the other side, nearly everybody loves music and it is wellknown that music has a inpact on our mind and the genres are as varied as the living beings. Which reactions do we know about committing ourselfs to metal? One thing is certain, to meet someone who appreciate the same thnigs is always something really special. Music is one of my greatest passions. Another one for me is the love to reptiles. I grew up with them and as I've been working for years in my parent's reptile shop I also met a lot of metalheads who are fascinated by those animals. I love all sorts of music and I love all living beings but I wanted to write about that love for metal and reptile because I've seen in a lot of metalheads sharring this fascination.It is well- know that Alice Cooper and also Felix of „Crematory“ are hudge fans of them too.So I thought it could be interesting to ask two musicians to comment some of my thoughts about this really special theme which is unknown for most people. Most poeple have a deep attachment to dogs an cats and they would agree that those pets are members of the family. This thought Steel is mostly a sign Magazine for a sensitive nature loving person and Notes 98 Now let me introduce you to my friend Michèl Kroneis a german bassist who has been playing in bands since he was 16 years old. From 1988 to 1992 he played in a crossover band. Between 1992 and 1994 he helped out a band with gothic influences and from 1994 until today he's playing in the band „Sunblaze“ which is taking a break for the moment but a new album is planed. He started keeping snakes in 1988 and is a successfull breeder of tree pythons, publishes regularly articles in trade magazines and a famous pet TV show visited his breed premises. I also had a chat with Dave Stadler, living in France and guitarist of the band „Original Sin“ which has recently recorded the first demo. As he was 12 years old as his stepfather let him listen to AC/DC, from that moment he knew he wanted to rock like them. He used to play for“ Human Dust“, „Heaven's Underground“, „Angel's Curse“, „Double Deuce und Atmosfear“. He had a lot of tarantula and started with snakes two years ago. First of all I wanted to know where the fascination for reptiles