Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 97

Steel Notes Magazine away from Edinburgh/Glasgow area to get married to her majesty there, so gigs are coming back up to Aberdeen as well. There's three decent places in Scotland that we can boost and promote popularity. Mats - I will probably do the same thing I did at Bannermans, put my Go Pro on bass amp to record for ourselves. Lizzy - We definitely want to go back to Scotland, Bannermans was great, and I want to go back there. Rockfiend - If you want us to record some footage, we can record that for you no problem. Rockfiend - We definitely want you back, you are playing what people wanted, you are sounding great, the live show, it does tell you things. Lizzy - Yeah, because it's always good to have from a different angle. Lizzy - We try to get as much footage as we can. Rockfiend - Do you have a video for "Stare at the Sun"? Mats - its better from the front, my angle is kind and of awkward, it's just me and maybe Lizzy. Lizzy - No we don't, it was the only one we don't have a video for. Mats - We had planned to do a video but couldn't make it. Lizzy - And tomorrow I know where the camera is, and it will be only me...haha I didn't even realize he was filming. Lizzy - I don't know what happened though with that, the plan was to make a video for every song released. Rockfiend - I never saw anything at all until I saw it on Instagram today, I thought when did you do that? I never saw anything at all. Mats - We were going to make a video for this one but the guy who did "Borderline Crazy" he wanted to do something more spectacular, he had lots of ideas but it was above budget. Mats - I just pressed play seconds before we started our first song. Lizzy - And his girl- friend got pregnant. Mats - We were stressed out as well, so I think we just released that one. Lizzy - But from now on though we are going to try and make a video for everyone, it’s fun. Mats - We are recording our next video in March. Lizzy - Nobody told me about this, next time I would like to know. Mats - Haha Lizzy - It's fun to listen back to what you have done, even though I hate seeing myself or listen- ing to myself, you can learn a lot from it. Rockfiend - Take the good and the bad. Lizzy - And you can always get better at what you do. Rockfiend - You are playing an hour tomorrow night 11pm until 12 midnight, is it the same set? Rockfiend - Ah right what's that going to be for? Lizzy – Pretty much yeah, it's gonna be the same set. Lizzy - Our new song which is called " Sick Adrenaline". Rockfiend - Do you have any big plans for 2017? Mats - The drums are recorded. Lizzy - We would like to do as much as possible, we try to get as many bigger shows as possible. Whatever comes our way, if it's affordable for us to do it we will do it. Lizzy - The drums are done. Mats - Drums and now we are just waiting for Erik Mårtensson of "Eclipse" he's going to mix the song. We've always gone with Chris Laney, he's mixed everything we've done but now he's on tour with "Pretty Maids". So now we are going to give it a try with Erik, he's a great guy and a great musician and mixer. Mats - We are going to continue working our asses off.....more shows. Rockfiend - I saw that you posted a little snippet from Banner- mans last night on your instagram page, do you have any plans to record anything tomorrow night? Colin These guys are going to be awesome! Rockfiend - Thank you very from Rockfiend Publications Scot- land. Steel Notes Magazine 97