Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 95

Steel Notes Magazine a chance and moved back. She had friends in Norway because she had lived there before and one of them was Mats. So she had to go to some photo shoot , so I was stuck with this guy. He was cleaning his apartment, I had to sit there. Rockfiend - No choice but to get on. Mats - Yeah you ended up with me alone. Lizzy - I was tired talking, I was like can you put some music on. I love this song, never heard anybody else listen to this, it was "Hardline - Hot Cherie" something like that. or a miss, and you sounded really really good. Mats - Thank you very much. Lizzy - As long as we are on the same page and everybody wants the same thing, I think it's gonna work out, yeah that's the way it works. If somebody is out of sync and you don't feel the same something is going to feel off, it's going to look weird. So I'm lucky to have met these guys. Rockfiend - Do you have an album record- ed? Lizzy - Not a full album no. Our idea started as a bit of fun and it started to take off a bit, and we were like let's put out a single here a single there. We've tried to make a video for every song. I really never wanted to make an album, lately we realized we have to put out an album. Mats - Yeah it was "Hot Cherie", we bonded over "Hot Cherie". Rockfiend - Superb song. Lizzy - So we started drinking. Mats - We were slightly drunk as well. Rockfiend - There is a fan base out there. Lizzy - Yeah, so we are talking to a few labels, been to a few meetings about it but I'm not sure I want a record deal. It depends on what they can do for us. These days you can do a lot on your own. Mats - We can do so much for ourselves. Lizzy - And we thought let's start a band, so we did, and we needed a guitar player and Kristian came along. Kristian - Mats and I had played in a band previously together, we knew each other well. Lizzy - Just before the band got started we did an acoustic show together with their old band. Their singer and me on vocals as well, like an acoustic gig. It felt so good. So let's try this out, so we started the band. It seems to be working out still. We haven't killed each other yet. Rockfiend - Not yet, is that on the cards? Mats - No we are best friends and we are having a good time. Rockfiend - You certainly looked tight last night when you were playing as a band, you some sounded so so good. Mats - This guy (Robin) lives in Sweden, and we rehearsed three times together. The band has clicked together. We don't rehearse like every other day or two times a week, we meet two days before. Lizzy - I wish we could. Mats – Yeah I wish we could, and then we could be even better. Rockfiend - Bannermans is a difficult gig, the sound can be a hit Rockfiend - The money you make for your- selves, instead of a record company taking it away. way. Lizzy - That's what we have been doing, but if somebody can step up and help us out of course we might choose to go down that Mats - There has to be a real interest from a label, someone passionate about it, burning for the music as we do because we do everything ourselves, mainly I do a lot of stuff. I really want to do it, I love it, and I want the label to be the same as we are. Lizzy - So far it’s been working out the way we've been doing it, but an album will be released somehow, some way. Mats - We have to do it, we have been writing, we wrote two new songs last night. We get really good reception from the people hearing it first time live. People like grooving to it; we have so many good songs. Kristian - People have been asking for an album on our Facebook page, constantly asking for one, so we feel you know we have to give into the demand . Mats - If we release a single, the day after.....when's the next single?......when's the next single?, when's the album coming?, you Steel Notes Magazine 95