Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 94

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 The Cruel Intentions Rockfiend Publications Scotland with Colin and Suzy The Cruel Intentions Interview At Rockmantic Carlisle 10th Feb- ruary 2017 Lizzy - So when I heard that I thought ooh, add "the" and "s" on the end and we have a band name. Rockfiend - Is this the original line up? Mats - I called Lizzy and told him the band is going to be called "The Cruel Intentions", he did not know about Nasty Idols, he had never heard of them. Lizzy - Everyone apart from the drummer, the original drummer Eiliv left and we saw Robin on Facebook, his other band had post- ed a video of him playing drums. Mats - I saw him on my news feed somehow, and I thought this guy is great. I said to Lizzy look at this guy, I love the way he's playing! Lizzy - I was blown away. Mats - My favorite band, I loved them for years and years, it's like a homage to them. The bass player didn't take it so well. He thought I was just stealing. Lizzy - Stealing his idea. Mats - I said contact him. Rockfiend - You do have a really good style. Mats - I was kidding with Lizzy, "get this guy in the band!" Mats - He's been harassing the subject on Facebook, but that's because he's old and done, and we are not. Lizzy - All of us live in Oslo Norway, except for him, he lives in southern parts of Sweden. He has to travel to rehearse, but it works out, he's a good fucking drummer. Rockfiend - You are ready to take their position? Rockfiend - It's worth doing it? Lizzy, Mats - Yeah Lizzy - I don't know if he's happy in the band or not haha, if he's happy to play with us, so far so good. Rockfiend - Where did the name "The Cruel Intentions" come from? Lizzy - We really didn't have an idea for a name, so we were throwing some ideas around and Mats is a really big fan of...what's that band called again? Mats - "Nasty Idols" from Sweden, and they have an album called "Cruel Intention". Steel Notes Magazine 94 Mats - I took his position, I was blonde as well as playing bass, I was better suited, haha. Lizzy - It's a good name like he said a cool homage to a band he loves. Mats - But he didn't get it. Rockfiend - Yeah with a capital F! Where d