Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 8

Steel Notes Magazine Alexxis: Do you have any videos to go along with your music? Mike: Our first big budget video is called “Against The Grain”. Alexxis: Do you plan on touring in support of this cd? Mike: Yes, we plan on hitting Europe this year if all goes well, and hope to be a touring arena band for many years to come Alexxis: What are your long range plans for the future? Mike: We would like to write for major motion pictures, tv series or Netflix, and our goal is to release a full album every 2 yrs. Alexxis: Where can fans find you and purchase your music? Mike: Our cd is available through ITunes, Spotify, HMV Digital. My sincerest thanks to all the fans, without the fans there wouldn' t be a Mike JB Sky. Rock On!! 8 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017