Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 69 Steel Notes Magazine As the events only no business sponsor, I was thrilled to see where my contribution went every year as the event keeps getting a little bigger and a little better. There were auctions and raffles of items that showed immense charity. Items ranging from pool ta- bles to guitars autographed from Styx to gift certificates and bas- kets donated from many of the local tattoo shops and many other businesses. From start to finish the event was like a well oiled machine, but that however was not the case behind the scenes. Shortly before the night of the event there was a frantic post ask- ing for a guitarist that could fill in on one of the bands due that was not able to make the show for an unexpected reason that almost caused the band to have to withdraw from performing at the event. Luckily someone was able to fill in. There were a few other things that popped up that could have affected the night but not many people knew of these things beforehand because Eric handled them quickly. I have known Eric since college and I can say this about him, Eric has the biggest and kindest heart out of any person I have met in the past 15 years. His integrity is beyond reproach. I don’t know how to convey with any more conviction how impressed and happy to be a part of this annual event I am other than to say that for as long as Eric choses to host it,I will continue to attend it and support it with as much as I can. Steel Notes Magazine 69