Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 6

Steel Notes Magazine Mike: I was a drummer in high school, and always wanted to learn the guitar. I watched the guitarist in my high school band very closely at all times. I had many creative ideas, lyrics that I wanted to create myself. What made me switch from the drums? I was in the studio recording with my original act when the band took a break, I had picked up the guitar and started to sing, not realizing that the engineer and producer could hear me. He pulled me aside and told me that I should be- come a front man. He said I had strong lungs and a very unique voice. At that time, I did not have the confidence to switch. Worked really hard for a couple years, the rest is history. I am truly glad that I made the switch. Life began for me in a new way! Alexxis: what brand of equipment and gear do you like using when you perform? Mike:I have had a variety of guitars. I prefer to play Charvel and Epiphones. Marshall Amps or Line 6 or Black Star. I also use an ef- fect unit with a variety of pedals as well. Alexxis: When did you start your first all original act Black Dawn? Mike: My first original band, we 6 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 had started playing headliner shows from the get go at the age of 20. Alexxis: Who is in your current band lineup? Mike: Lead Vocals/Lead and Rhythm guitar - Mike JB Sky AKA Mike James-Bobrowsky Bass guitar - Keith Gale Lead and Rhythm guitar- Anton Zedd. AKA Ricky Szolnoky Drums - Jason Hutchings I started the project Mike JB Sky in 2015 Alexxis; Who does the songwrit- ing for the band? Is it a full band collaboration or do you handle all of it? Mike: At this point I have been doing all the songwriting in my career thus far. I have recently switched two band members that are extremely talented and educated musicians. So I look forward in collaborating with them, staying true to the sound and energy of Mike JB Sky. Alexxis: What is the name of your new cd? How many tracks? What is the theme behind the cd? Mike:. My new cd is called Girls Night Out. It s a five song EP. The theme behind the cd is influenced by Sex, women, fast cars and enjoying life to the fullest at all costs!