Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 59

Steel Notes Magazine Josie Pre sen Venue: Ja ts: Black Fate bber Jaw s, Bar & Carnage Grill, Win ter Date: Jan uary 11, 2017 Genre: M etal Band Me Mike Fate mbers: : Vo Dave Wa rmkessel calist : Guitar Cor Donald P y Solt: Guitar eters Dena Do on: Drums : Bass Gu itar I met Black Fate in the back room while they were getting ready for the show. I recall talking to Dave (while he was getting changed for the gig) and he told me that the band has been to- gether since about 86-87 when Mike Fate founded it-however, the players have changed along the way. Regardless of the previous players, this group worked together like a well- oiled machine. They are influenced by such artists as Voltbeat and Judas Priest and do both thrash and metal songs. Their heavy look and sound doesn’t’ mean they are void of heart. Mike talked a bit about their community awareness. The band supports Toys for Tots, Childhood Dreams, and Set List I Bleed Black Shadows The Devil’s Bleeding Crown Disciples Winds Trooper Chosen One Hellion Soul Reaver Metal Church In The End Dena teaches kids how to play in- struments for Lehigh Valley Girls Rock. Mike said that as they get older the members decided to make more responsible decisions. Onto the show! Black Fate started their hour long set with “I bleed black” a crowd favorite that set the tone for the evening. As the moved through their set they did a few covers like “The Devils Bleeding Crown” by Voltbeat which was well done, but nothing woke the crowd up like the adrenaline pumped original song “Disciples of the Dark” You can hear it on bandcamp - www. blackfate.bandcamp. com , but there is nothing like watching them do this song live. The phenomenal bass line, stellar guitar riff and cardio-challenging drums were as entertain- ing as the animated front man. Their encore “In The End” had the crowd singing along. This amazing shot of Meryl Parker and Jeff Forrer of “Shepherds of Serpents” really says it all! Find the band on facebook : BLACKFATE666/ they have their schedule listed and some hot pictures also!! Steel Notes Magazine 59