Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 58

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 nt RIA age Eve YMET ents: S , Winter Carn s e r P Josie rjaws : Jabbe Venue uary 11/2017 an Date: J etal M on, NJ e r Gen : wn: Flemingt taso ntonas o T ince Sa – Vocals Home V : s r e emb itar Band M ust: Gu Kevin C rera: Bass n Car s Sebastia Smith: Drum o d n a Fern Blair When I first approached the stage to meet the band; Vince and Kevin were chilling by the amps waiting for the show to start. Blair and Fernando were on the oth- er side of the stage having a quiet conversation with each other… just a bunch of guys hanging out with their buds, at a club, relaxed and happy. A few seconds into the conversation they let me know that they were playing all original songs tonight, so my interest was piqued. They told me that thanks to a fellow metal rocker made good, Tim McMurtrie, (guitar player for M.O.D.) , and producer for his own label, Tripsquad Records, they were going to be recording in the studio by end of February. Because these guys are as refined as they are talented-they invited me to come to the studio while they were there. OK CAN YOU IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT, I GET TO GO TO A STUDIO AND HEAR A BAND LAYING TRACKS, TALK TO THE PRODUCER AND INTERVIWE EVERYONE!!!! What fucking luck for this humble local music reviewer. Yeah, I took them up on that-more on that later, for now, to the show! They have obvious influences from bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but all of their songs are written by the Symetria members. They have more than lyrics and chords…they have a vision on their band facebook page they have this written “The battle is within all of us, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, when you learn control, the battle ends, you have achieved a perfect balance, in Symetria” Sounds like a good place to chill! The songs were heavy and tight; you can see the guys are com- fortable with each other as they glance for ques on tempos which result in flawless execution. Vince’s vocals were powerful and direct and Kevin’s guitar playing has a voice of it’s own. I can’t wait to continue to share their journey with you. My interview session at the studio in New Jersey will be available to view on You Tube -BUT you’re gonna have to watch Steel Notes Maga- zine’s Facebook Page if you want to know when it’s released. More excitement coming in next months’ issue!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SYMETRIA IS COMING 58 Steel Notes Magazine Set List: Wakening, Flying High, Stomp Symetria Time All the Same Too Late, Venial Sin.