Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 57

Steel Notes Magazine guy…but that’s irrelevant) My conclusion is that Danielle success- fully keeps the tempo of the songs on the mark, and the kick ass bass lines written into just about every song they do highlights her skills. Flourishes with this genre of music and is a perfect fit for a grungy, rock and roll band 3.It’s a family gig. Don’t ever under- estimate the value of support. Tyler Ritter’s dad does the Dasound, and Nick’s dad , Gener, is the manag- er and booking agent. Danielle’s mom, Sana not only happens to be the musician (lead singer from Le- high Valley local band 5 Ton Jack) that suggested I go to go see the band play (consequently allowing all of you readers to get to know the band) but she’s in the crowd every gig, making sure the dance floor is occupied and everyone is having the fullest experience possible. 2.They know the right people – I think I’ll credit their families for setting them up for success-but connections make all the difference in this business. Having a neigh- bor in the band Mother, certainly doesn’t hurt. It has to be nice to talk industry-speak to your neigh- bor, over an iced cold beer, after cut- ting your grass on a spring evening. (yeah, that sce- nario was my uti- lization of poetic license… but so what, you get the point) Your next step, savvy reader, is to -go to their next show, buy up all their swag, get it autographed and sell it on Ebay in a few years to finance your kid’s college education You’ll see more by me on this band next issue…we are going to follow their journey to greatness so that I can say “. fuck the haters and fuck pretend- ers, …. and fuck the critics and fuck the cynics…” --Another Day Dawns “Fight” You can get their new single. “Love She’s After” on I tunes love-shes-after-single/id1195262579 And Spotify Wib88qMEYbSvpREAf8k Check out their website for photo’s videos etc. and, of course their Facebook page https://www. for up to the minute news and updates! Josie Janci, March 2017 1. Their music is good! The musical composition is great and execution is spot on. The rest of this list doesn’t matter without this one. The band is good. They are damn good. Without ex- aggeration, they are the best rock band in the area. I can feel the same success on the way as I felt when I saw a little band out of Lancaster years ago. That band calls themselves “Live”. And since history tends to repeat itself, let’s assume my instincts are correct. Steel Notes Magazine 57