Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 56

Steel Notes Magazine There is much to say about this band-and in the interest of having my ADD riddled readers complete my Another Day Dawns arti- cle, I’m going to share with you a top ten list! TOP TEN REASONS THAT ANOTHHER DAY DAWNS WILL BE HEADLINING A FESTIVAL SHOW WITHIN FIVE YEARS 10. The band works well together and are experienced musicians having started Another Day Dawns over six years ago 9. They consider the details - Their entrances and “jams” are choreographed. You will see various times during their gig when all the members band their heads at the same time while performing-not a coin- cidence! Their website is pro- fessionally done and up to date, they have people at their shows to sell their swag, and they have sharpies for autographs. 8. They absolutely have the stage presence of a national recording artists. The opened for heavy hitters like Sami Hagar , Trapt and Tesla in the past. They have already played large venues like Penns Peak and are doing so again this year when they open for Fuel. If they were intimidated by the big names in the past, they aren’t any more. 7. Their latest single, “Love She’s After” , was produced by David Ivory and released in January. Just in case clarifi- cation is required-ye, I am referring to THE David Ivory who produced Halestorm and The Roots. 6. That same single was mas- tered by Ted Jensen – he did some work on another disk you may recognize; Hotel California by The Eagles. 5. They aren’t afraid to grow and take chances - they put themselves out there. This year they auditioned for a chance at be- ing the opening act for Bon’Jovi’s 2017 tour. I guess we will learn the results soon! 4.Each member brings something relevant, excessive and unique 56 Steel Notes Magazine www.steelno FW6vR6Х7&r#pFFR7FvRW&^( 2גFVvG2FRV&W'2ࢤFF4vVVFRVB6vW"2B( 2BRVbfЦ6Ɨ7B*R2FRW76VFVVVG2b&6B&g&BࢇF&vW"FG'( 2vB2B֖6vvW.( 27vvvW"@7FWfVGW.( 27FvR&W6V6RR<*r&B"FB0vW6RfǖrF&VvFR"vV^( 2֖~( BFRvR67G'WBBF6RvR6vr7FvRVvvW2FR7&v@BvWG2FVFV"fVWBFF27G&rF7F7FfR6rЦrf6RvFw'Vww&vFB'F7V&ǒ'FFF( BrbRv2&&Fg&B&6B&&B'WB^( 0FVfFVǒw&vFP64vVVFR&G0G'VW"WfW"7F2*B'FBVWfW"7F2rWfW"7F26֖ƖrWfW"7F0vF6rWfW"7F>( fЧFr*RW7BWfW"7F2*PVW2FR&VB6gVǒBFPgFV6W6&F0b7&6B&VWFPG'V2FW&W7FrFWfVFPV7B'F7V"V"V&@B6B&V6VFǒFBFW&R0'V"FB62F&VP&>( gG&'WFRF2W&7W2Ч6W&f&6R2vgBb&F2vBRV"2`r2vBR( fVV( ТGW"&GFW"Fǒv2( FR6&VFFW.( 2RbF6RwVF W'2FBƖRFR7G&w2&R7W&v6ǒGF6VBF0fvW'2WfW'FR6&B6vRWBVB2WV7WFVBvF&V66BV6R262fRFRvW"FRR7FWfW'FrBW7BvF6tFBwVF"BGW 266FFrVVvF7FW7FvRg&B6FP7&vB66VR2vV0V"2W66&vW72ࢢFVRGV&20FRWvW7BBVvW7@V&W"bFR&B6P2FR&72W"B6^( 066b6W'6RN( 26'@B6WFfR66&6&BrbF@66V2F&RW6Ц6ǒ6VB&F֖6ǐ6ƖB''VWGFRv6@W"vvFFR&3vVFVגg&VG2RfRvr6&F`RfR&VGFrV6PfRw&GFVFVRr'FFFR&72&V6W6R`FB'FƗG7B7&F6bFR&72W"BFR6V@