Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 55 Deprived headlined the “Winter Carnage” event at Jabberjaws Saturday night and they played with a vengeance. Their set was a mixture of sounds that reminded me at times of Nirvana’s “Bleach” album-i.e. their song “Abrasion” which was one of my personal favorites. I need to say right here that I think of them more “David Grohl” than “Kurt Cobain” as the music they create comes from an exceptionally skilled right brain of thought. Other times during their hour plus set I heard influences of bands like Social Distor- tion, i.e. in their song Brainwashed. Regardless of the influence, they have the advanced sound of a grunge/punk band, with quiet middle 8’s , verses you want to learn the words for, and choruses that are tri-tempo (yeah, I made that up, it means three times faster tempo…get it?) With guitar vocalist Mike leading the crew with his charismatic great stops by Chad, and the well placed crash by Don, I think I’m going to download Set List more than e Banshe just the you tube me Ti The Last videos! You can get their music on Abrasion ReverbNation. Or, better yet, go Mislead ) ht lig e to their facebook page and check th ed (sh ss Darkne ty cie out their schedule-the live show is So by t ou Kicked a treat! (I’ll give you a little hint, l Al it Sick of April 15 – Jabberjaws) It g sin I’m Lo in ith W in The Pa Contact the band on facebook Disorganized Chaos It ke Ta ’t I Won privedmusic Spiral and see videos of their songs all ed sh Brainwa across you tube Lifeless Fix Final Steel Notes Magazine rived e Event ts: Dep inter Carnag n e s e r Josie P bberjaws, W r Ja Venue: uary 11, 2017 nk rock kicke u n p a J a : e h t wit Da : : Grunge embers Genre: Band M Guitar als and r – Voc Bass guitar e ff a h c its – e Mike S arinkov rums (yep h M d a h D C – is h n t o a row Peters ht) Donald ith 2 bands in ig n w played awns r Day D e h t o n : A ounge resents Josie P ammerhead L H Venue: uary 4, 2017 an : Date: J ock and Roll embers R Band M ocalist Genre: V eehan – ar an McG Ritter – Guit e S a t o r Dak m Tyler rum e han – D Bassist e e G c Nick M lle Dubois – ager an Danie han - M McGee Sound man r e n e G itter – Scott R I went to see Another Day Dawns on a recommenda- tion from a local musician that I knew wouldn’t steer me wrong.  Even though the best shows come on referral; in no way was I prepared for the performance I saw.  When the band came out they hit the stage in the style great musical artists always seem to do – with effortless confidence and instant – solid – sound.    Their first set cov- ered everything from Stone Temple Pilots to Sublime with some Radiohead and Racon- teurs thrown in; (just to show off, I think) Their second set was exclusively original songs, and that’s when I became totally impressed- their music is good! At the show they gave me their CD, “Confessions of a Lunatic, which is actually in rotation in my car stereo right now. More than once; since I got the disk, a passenger in my car asked who the band was and where they could get their music. Just last week I was driving to a club in Bethlehem, with the volume up and the car windows cracked. I was happily surprised to see a group of col- lege kids walking down the street, who suddenly broke into the chorus of “Rage” as I drove by. Another Day Dawns’ third set was a crowd-pleasing, photo taking, sweaty dance floor of fist pumping, head banging joy. There was nothing missing from this show=the sound was superb, the band was tight, the front man was sexy, and the musicians each got a chance to showcase their talents. Steel Notes Magazine 55