Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 51

Steel Notes Magazine From a music fan's point of view, was there any real need for Faith No More to get back together after nearly 20 years away? The band's cast of eclectic rock 'n' roll innovators had a good run, yielding six albums, several of which qualify as classics. Faith No More's primary members moved on and branched out, too, and seemed perfectly fine with it. Keyboardist Roddy Bottum co-founded the affable indie-pop band Imperial Teen, Bassist Billy Gould became CEO of Koolarrow Records and worked as a journeyman musician. Drummer Mike Bordin had a solid gig as drummer in Ozzy Osbourne's band. Guitarist Jim Martin was — and still is, by all accounts — happily growing giant pump- kins in the Bay Area. Singer Mike Patton, meanwhile, has meta- morphosed from that strange guy in Faith No More and Mr. Bungle into an experimen- tal-music renaissance man. He's collaborated with John Zorn; formed such wildly dissimilar outfits as Fantômas, Peeping Tom and Tom- ahawk; composed film scores; recorded solo albums; and created Ipecac Records, one of the coolest American labels of the last two decades. Faith No More's 2009 reunion was a delight for many, but its mem- bers — who included Jon Hudson, reprising his late-'90s role as guitarist — were inevitably smart enough not to overstay their welcome. Without new material, it's easy to become a peren- nial cabaret act, and performing "Epic" and "We Care A Lot" at casinos and state fairs wouldn't benefit a band of mavericks and risk-takers. If they were to make new music, the challenge would be to bring the same ambitio Bf&RFBgVVVBw2'&VЧF&VvFR&VFr"w2F&rvVGW7FBrw07v6r'VbFRV"vBW26f7GW2fF&Rw2f'7B'VV'26WG&&F'2Bǒr6f'F&ǒBfG2FFR&Bw2F66w&'WB6rV6֖6B26琧fWFW&&G2fW&6V6FR&V6&B'WB6f7GW2660B6'3֖WFW2Bw2VBFFRBFrƗ7FVW'0FVWFfF&Rw2Gv7FVBv&BBBFW6wBWBWगG2gVW72Bvw&W76FW&֖vRFFRBvW&RBw0&BFFVFRGv&6W2'Bf"FR7G&VwF2bFR'Vw2f'7BGv6vW2FRvVVgVǐ&fR$FW&gV6W""BFRG&F2%7WW&W&"6f2ЧGW2r&Wv&G2&RWfV&6W"FR&RRFVfRFFRFVWW 7WG2%7V6FRW"&WGW&2FFRV7Ɨ7FVrfVVbfF&Rw2"w26fW"bFR6F&W2r$V7"'WB7FV@b7G&vBf6VBvRGFB&GGV7&WFRF&ЦW72FVfCFR&6W72FR6r2G&6f&VBF&V6&7FW"6WF6vFVG6w2gVwVF"FFrG'V"FRw7Bb%6W&F熖WG"vfRF涖r`$֖FƖfR7&62"( B&wV&ǒfF&Rw2w&VFW7B66ЧF( B'WBB7&VW2rWfV&RFW&vVBf6vFVG6BvVB&WVFrF2&fbGFW&2GFFPV&2b&6W626&2V6vǒfF&Rw2VgWF&G2&RgVF7FP&&r$6Rb6R"vR%&6RbFRf"6G&7G2W'BvVW7VR'&vVVBBV'v&bVF6vF&&Fw2FVFW&W2'F&VG2$&6g&F"0FR7G&vW7BFW'GW&R6f7GW22BFW&FW2&WGvVVW&VB6W7F2wVF"BW62bgW'BF7F'FFBV6FRW2FRFW"B$FF""'W'7G2vF6VF2w&FWW#FRVF&R&B&6W2FFR666g&ХGFw2vW&W6RW&f&6RF&&Fw2G&&FVG2Bw0vFW&gV6ƖF'VFBW7Fǒ2'W6W70&Vr2V&&RBW&Fr2B2आvǒ&V6VFVBBbR7F'27FVVFW2vPwwr7FVVFW6vR6УS