Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 40

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Roy: I think those CDs all have special places in my heart because they all represent different time periords in my life. Early on I only did prank calls because I could sell the CDs after my shows. It was about survival, those first two albums represent survival. jokes. The promoter brings me on stage and I had to do THIRTY minutes because the other acts were running late. It was the most awkward thing EVER!!! a 20 year old kind entertaining a room full of 50+ yr old black people. Father Figure represents a culmination of almost two decades of learning. It’s my graduation paper. My comedy Thesis statement. Scott: What are your new goals? You have been very successful so far in a few fields...what can your fans expect to see you conquer next? Scott:Is there any- thing you wish you could go back and change? Roy: I’m just intent on being a better correspon- dent on the Daily Show. If I can do a few sketches here and there then that’s cool but ultimately. Roy: No, nothing I'd wish to change. Scott : You are extremely popular on The Daily Show... behind the scenes as a Writer, and in front of the cam- era as a Performer. Which do you enjoy more? Would you accept the chance to host your own show? Roy: Behind the scenes, I’m not writing anything alone. It’s all a collaborative process. The entire show is a big ass collaboration and this is the first time I’ve been a part of that so it’s been exciting to experience this. In a sitcom, they write the scripts weeks before you see them, and in stand-up its you alone , but at the daily show it’s a group project every day. Going on a creative journey with someone and discovering all the funny twists and turns in a story is amazing. Scott : Do you feel pressure to be 'On' in front of your friends and family? Roy: Never. If anything I’m low key, off stage. My friends and family are cool but generally people meeting me for the first time think I’m goig to be on. I take pride in lowering their expecta- tions. LOL. Scott: Can you share an experience where you could not reach an audience or just bombed? How do you deal with it? Roy: I feel like there were a few times in my life where I’ve done rooms that just SUUUUCCCKKKK. One time early on when I was less than a year into comedy I had a TOTAL of 10 minutes of 40 Steel Notes Magazine Scott: Do you have any hobbies or interests that might surprise your fans? Roy: Puzzles. I really dig Jigsaw puzzles. They’re peaceful and relaxing. Scott: If comedy had not worked out, what would have been your ideal job? Roy: Sports Broadcaster . Stuart Scott was one of my idols growing up. He’s one of the reason I majored in Journalism. He cracked jokes about sports, we did that everyday at the cafeteria. So I wanted to do that. Also Firefighting was cool to me. Scott: What advice would you give people starting out in Stand Up, about Bombing, Finding their voice, etc. ? Roy: Record yourself as often as you can. There is no bad set. You have to video yourself as much as we hate to watch it. We must do it. Its how we get better. Scott: Are you a Vinyl guy, or just CD? Roy: Just CDs and such. Not big on vinyl. I do collect them but I don’t play them. Scott: Thanks, Roy!!! Check out Roy's Web Page for dates, info, and merch!