Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 34

Steel Notes Magazine is good because ,as we know, it can evaporate very quickly. MBW: What are your highest aspirations in each of these highly glamourous fields ??? DBC: My aspirations are firmly focused with the Black Cats NYC. The music Andrew and I write and play is everything. We try to make every moment the best moment, every song our best song, every performance our best performance. Doing this creates its own path forward!! To me, taking photos of this crazy, fun, sexy, rocking scene adds amplitude to the music of the Black Cats NYC and to all the other great Bands and fans in this city and I really like giving exposure to all the people who come out to support the bands, clubs, and each other!!! It is wonderful to say the least. MBW: I understand The Black Cats NYC are currently in the process of filming an exciting and greatly anticipated new video ... Are you at liberty to tell us anything about that at this early stage ??? DBC: Yes, Marlowe. The Black Cats NYC are hard at work on our new video with the indefatigable and creative Alan Rand at the helm !! We are keeping everything a bit under wraps and look forward to the ' big reveal ' in the future. What I can say is that it is fun being in the Black Cats NYC video. All rock 'n' roll ... all the time!! MBW: What is your favorite thing to do ??? Spring 2017 City style - vibrant, elemental, respectful of where we have been, inviting - 'Come Along For the Ride' - and danceable! ... and did I mention that we sound good turned up to 'eleven'? MBW: ... and now ... my favorite question ... If I could grant you three wishes what would they be ??? DBC: Three Wishes???? It used to be for many 'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll' Now it just might be 'health, happiness and The Black Cats NYC Rock and Roll' plus Perogis at Veselka late night!!! Thank you Marlowe, I have one request and one request only for you ... 'Please keep being Marlowe B West ... we all appreciate you!!!' Donald / The Black Cats NYC ****** MBW: Thank you kindly, DBC ... You are fabulous ... Marlowe B West Takez Manhattan and the rest of us hellions from the Lower East Side would like to thank The Black Cats NYC and welcome everybody everywhere to join in on all the fun and excitement ... You can always count on them for rocking the hell outta the place ... We are looking forward to seeing The Black Cats NYC upcoming video ... I understand the magical Alice Espinosa-Cincotta is assisting the creative genius of Alan Rand ... EXPLOSIVE! DBC: Like Oprah, I have favorite things too!! At the top of my list is ... wait for it ... writing songs and playing guitar in the Black Cats NYC. It is an abundance of good fortune to have a pure rock 'n' roll band like ours to express the Sturm and Drang of every day life ... and dance to it!!!! Yes, I do love my dogs, driving around in my old pick up truck, taking pics of all the great people everywhere I look, hunting down old guitars and amps, eating at Veselka after rehearsal or show but ... playing with Andrew and my songs on stage with the Black Cats NYC turned up Loud and Dirty is a great thrill that does not get old! MBW: If you were telling a stranger about The Black Cats performance ... how would you describe it ??? DBC: It is a compression of basic, original songs presented in the Classic New York 34 Steel Notes Magazine