Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 31 how moved was by the Tribute show. Alan Steel Notes Magazine PHOTOS BY JOHAN VIPPER Henry Seiz: Hi Marlowe!!!!! To me, being on Rew's Show was a cross between going to her house (because she made you at home) and a carnival with an attraction around every corner!! The tribute was totally just like Rew --- welcoming and you never were sure what would happen next!! Cyndi Dawson: Cool! The Rew and Who? show was not just a chance to talk about my band and read some of my poetry. It was a bonding of witchy women and warlocky men with mystical talents and wicked senses of humor. Rew made us all part of her covenant. And sometimes we released a skel- eton from our closet of newts. The Tribute was a chance to cast back some memorable magic and imbibe in the glimmer and glitter of her Rew-Es- que kingdom. In other words, Everything about being around Rew and her show is otherworldly - a domain of kingdoms and magic and wizardry and wicked glamour and glitz. ______________________________________ ___________ ReW STaRR crowned MISS NEW YORK CITY UNDERGROUND Dateline New York City Wednesday February 15, 2017 The Delancey 168 Delancey St. New York, NY During the celebrations and performances ded- icated to ReW STaRR's underground Internet TV Show and celebration of the Producer of the ReW & WhO? Show from above, ReW's beloved brother, Dickey, ReW STaRR was officially crowned Miss New York City Underground. To honor ReW STaRR and her immense dedi- cation to bringing music, art and culture to the masses, Marlowe B. West OFFICIALLY crowned ReW STaRR Miss New York City Underground for time eternal! No one more deserving could be chosen to be Miss New York City Underground! CONGRATULATIONS ReW STaRR!!!! Steel Notes Magazine 31