Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 30

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Kelly & Andrea played as The Dirty Mothers. Briefly. Jesse was an infant. Rew & Who show happened after Rew had me on her Benefit at R Bar for her Bro. Dickie. Cuz she knew I lost my bro too. Both shared birthdays 2/15. First Rew & Who show Jesse wore my blk leather too hat &,Alan Merrill was the "who." As we exited our apt to Ottos... I Love R& Roll was on the radio. Cosmic! Rew embraces all genres of talent from all walks of life. Truly gracious and giving. Tribute was cool cuz I knew I could do NO WRONG! EXTREMELY REWarding experience although chaotic. ??? Didi Champagne: 1) Everyone was born with an energy and I believe each of us is apart of the universe that provides us with the stars , the moon and the sun. These features enhance our dreams with unconditional love. I do not regret being born and with REW and Who I am able to be myself and with that said, I will stay real until my very end ! 2) The REW and Who tribute was like a meditation -WILD OR STEADY bc everyone there showed there interpretation of Music,Art and Poetry which is , by far the only universal language that exists. PLUS it is so good for the SOUL ! AMEN ! Dave U. Hall: The ReW and WhO show gave people who were compassionate about their art the opportunity to come on the show and let it be known. Whatever anyone did, the ReW and WhO show always made it feel right. A very inspiring place to showcase your talent. The ReW and WhO Tribute show was a testament to the wonderful work that ReW did for her guests all these years. It was a Big Thank You from the people who were part of it. PHOTOS BY JOHAN VIPPER Puma Perl: (1) I was Rew's guest in 4 locations that I can remember - Harlem, Otto's, Tu Casa, and Brooklyn. From the first time I met Rew Starr, at the Bowery Poetry Club, about 10 years ago, she was been unwavering in her support. Every time I've had a book released, she has made a point of inviting me on. She has reached out to the community unconditionally, like Andy Warhol's dream of everyone getting their 15 minutes brought to life. (2) It was an honor to participate in the tribute and fitting that Mick Oakleaf and Walter Steding joined me at the spur of the moment. It was great seeing so many people come out. I like the fact that we are honoring the living, since we have always memorialized those who have passed. Why wait? Mitchell Zerring: Rew&Who was the heartbeat of the Street for me. I watched new talent, veterans of entertainment ands friends in the crowd. A City like ours needs people like ReW who bring the "Scene" close up & make it possible to get a feel of what is really going on in town and around it. Peace&love mz Mick Oakleaf: 1.)The Rew & Who show is an engaging, entertaining, record of the artists and history of the local music scene, hosted by Rew for many years at Otto's. We are all so blessed to be a part of that!! 2. It was a great honor to be a part of the event playing drums with Puma Perl, Rock and Roll Johnny Bod (with Sid Moscowitz and Anne Hussick), Val Kinzler, Michelle Fury, Density, and The Offenderz!! I enjoyed the whole evening staying until the very end!! Thank you Rew for all you have done, and thank you Marlowe, Ray, Kipp, David, all the very talented performers, and all who attended!! David Tanner: The outpouring of love and respect for Rew could melt an igloo. Glad to surround myself with NYC rockers. Alan Rand: 1) The Rew & Who show provided exposure for so many NYC musicians, artists, writers- essentially the whole Arts community of NYC. No other show has come close to having so much of the community on it. I was privileged to be a Who about 3 times and a guest once. 2) Something my Cuz really deserved. She means so much to NYC Rock'n'Roll. She's arranged so many benefits over the years for NYC non-profits that help people including over a decade of shows for God's Love We Deliver. I was so happy to see 30 Steel Notes Magazine