Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 29 PHOTOS BY JOHAN VIPPER Steel Notes Magazine of it. But man, I must admit....I always got a little nervous thinking about which skeleton to reveal... Ingrid Rudefors Vipper: I was not at the evening at Delancy but I have been on her show and I adore her ... so what do I say? well.. here we go.... "Rew is the 20th century version of all of us who lived thru Andy's 15 minute of fame and who still deserve another round of that. Rew made it happened" Dennis Doyle: 1. Deep in the NYC underground music scene, I felt discovered and appreciated when I was invited to appear on Rew Starr’s Rew & Who Show! Her embrace of my music and songs helped me articulate who I am as a singer/song- writer. Plus, as a “repeat offender,” I was thrilled to be asked back again to unleash my new band Density on the Show and beyond--skeletons and all! 2. The Rew & Who Tribute was a total outpour of rockin’ love for the Queen of the Underground, Rew Starr! Her support for artists, musicians, poets, and more is super cool! Many Thanks Rew! Val Kinzler: Rew and I go back. I was introduced to her by Joey Zeto. He booked us dbl bill at Continental. Then my producer Larry Russell called to tell me Rew & Kelly Britton were seeking a rocker Mom for a band. Rew & I & Steel Notes Magazine 29