Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 27 Being crowned by total surprise as Miss Underground NYC was the most flabbergasting moment in my life!!!! If I could crazy glue the crown to my head I would cause I feel so honored and grate- ful and so happy that ReWandWhO really brought joy to people I can't predict the future but I truly believe something I don't know yet will come from all this that night felt like my sweet sixteen bat mitzvah wedding 'this is your life ' all rolled into one!! I never felt anything like this before and I'm forever glitterized ThaNku everyone so much from the bottom top side to side of my heart forever xXx Ray Galindo: Rew Starr is one of the most self-less and warm-hearted people that I have ever known. Rew gave me the opportunity to learn to feel comfortable with what I do. With her encouragement, I combated stage-fright and won! Her inspiring persona has kept me in creative mode for the last four years. I have met wonderful people through my association with her. I am honored to have been asked to help organize this wonderful tribute concert for her. She deserves it! I wish her success in every- thing that she pursues. I love Rew Starr! Long Live Rew Starr, The Queen of the New York City Underground! Steel Notes Magazine Michael Cincotta: The Rew show to me was a great way to see many of my friends chatting away about crazy stuff. I never attended due to work but watched many shows on the net. Rew was such a great host and I know how excited Alice was when she got to be on the show and the many times she repped as an audience member. The tribute was a hoot with so many in attendance. All kicked ass and I was so happy to see Rew take it all in and we could see that she felt the love. Alice Espinosa-Cincotta: The Rew & who show was the perfect internet show where all kinds of artists were given their Warholian 15 minutes to show- case their talents and be inter- viewed by the adorable hostess, Rew Starr. This entertaining show introduced or highlighted mostly local artists. Quite often they came back to the show and labeled repeat offenders. Magically, I was a one time guest and loved the 15 min- utes I was given. I will miss being a repeat offender audience mem- ber. However, I am so glad that I found this show and experience the merriment from those Wednesday afternoons. At the recent Rew & Who Tribute show, I attended as an audience member . The Rew & Who Tribute show at The Delancey presented an entertaining evening with the "repeat offenders" previously guests of the Rew & Who show. The trib- ute followed the traditional fifteen minute format while all talents and friends gathered to honor the much loved internet show hostess, Rew Starr. That night the Queen of whimsical local talents was crowned in sparkly glittery fashion and honored by all. Kipp Elbaum: I have total respect for Rew & Who, what Rew did for the downtown scene was selfless and wonderful, los- ing the show is a loss to the documentation of an amaz- ing downtown scene. It was a pleasure and an honor, to have helped arrange such a Michelle Fury Feuer: wonderful tribute to such The Rew and Who show...It felt a great talent as Rew Starr. like there was something really Seeing such a spectacular important about this show. The PHOTOS BY JOHAN VIPPER group of performers come first time I appeared on the Rew together should give cre- and Who show, making my way dence to the fact the New York scene remains vibrant and alive!! back onto music, onto the scene, I remember ... coming in from the daylight outside. I don't know why that comes to mind, it just Sid Moskowitz: does. And every time I appeared on the show, the acts were good, 1. It was an opportunity to show her, in a very real way, how really good. There'd be an eclectic mix, with a pop, yet kind of a much the music community valued and respected her efforts and culty feel. And I always met talented people. A lot of those people cintributions to the Scene. 2. It was an honor to participate and a became my friends. I'd always try and appear during vacations pleasure to see Rew on top of the world! from work. I already miss that.. I was, and am proud to be part Steel Notes Magazine 27