Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 26

Steel Notes Magazine Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages ... My name is Marlowe B West ... I am your Ring Leader ... During the last three years as Star Reporter for Steel Notes Magazine I have frequent- ly mentioned The Rew & Who Show ... For those who may be unfamiliar, The Rew & Who Show was the underground cable TV brainstorm of Rew Starr who set out and took it upon herself to fulfill the famous dangling underground legacy attributed to Andy Warhol ... who is quoted as saying "In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes." Rew would never put it in these words but as I had the specific distinction of securing the unfathomable position of the "Who" ... on a once-a-monthly basis ... for almost as long as I have been writing for this awesome magazine ... As a peculiar matter of fact it was originally through Steel Notes Magazine that all this had come about ... Alexxis Steele, owner and CEO of Steel Notes Magazine had been looking for a regular spot on a TV show and I told her about this girl who asked me to be a guest on her show and one thing led to another and there it all rock and rolled into place ... However; after eight long years of Rew's parallel dreams of becoming an actress began to take precedence over her completely uncompensated dedication to her Rew & Who Show ... she landed 26 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 a part in a play ... All of her long time friends, colleagues and fans ... of every race, breed, sex and creed ... including yours truly ... were verry disappointed ... but ob-la-dee ob-la-da ... that's just the way the cookie crumbled. But they all lived happily ever after ... and here's the magical tale about The Tribute to the Rew & Who Show ... otherwise referred to as The Coronation of The Queen of the New York City Under- ground ... On January 5th I got a message from Ray Galindo tell- ing me that he, Kipp Elbaum and Sid Moskowitz were organizing a tribute concert for Rew ... and they selected me to be the Master of Ceremonies at The Delancey on February 15th ... Thrilled be- yond belief it all came to pass ... I shant go into it much further for I have prepared a special, more personal and deeper, description for you by compiling quotes from a multitude of beautiful people who actually participated is this unique and warm event ... I asked them each two questions ... 1) Tell us your Rew story ... and 2) Tell us about the Tribute: Rew Starr: I have never in my entire life ever felt so much appreciation and love doing what I luv so much in celebrating everyone's passion