Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 24

Steel Notes Magazine Alexxis: [ Laughter ] Yeah, really! Oh another thing I wanted to ask you is when I saw you last time with Michael at Chiller you had outfits from the shows and bass guitars on display in all the cases. Now do you have them on display somewhere else? Dennis: I’m working on doing some displays because the 50th Anniversary of certain landmarks, you know when we became Alice Cooper and different releases is coming up, so I’m talking to different Museums about having them call it ‘Dr. Dreary Snakes Museum of Alice Cooper Artifacts’ But it’s got everything as you saw it. It’s even got my track shoes and leather sweater.  Alexxis: Right, and didn’t you have some guitars or bass’ there too? Dennis: Yeah, guitars and bass’ even though some of them are in the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona those Mu- seums and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has my green bass that we talked about earlier, the Gibson bass, the frog bass. By the way Cindy’s the one that named it the frog bass because she used to say when I smiled I looked like a frog. [ Laughter ]  Alexxis: Really? hahahah Dennis: [ Laughter ] And that’s also the story of the very first night Bob Ezrin showed up at the Pontiac Firm to start working with us on the ‘Love It To Death’ Album. He had come in from the airport and we had so many people coming through that house it was like we didn’t quite realize he was new to arrive and I had dressed up like a frog with this big green frog mask, which you probably saw in The Snakes Museum, I still have that. Alexxis: Oh yes I remember it. Dennis: I was only going to say ribbit until Cindy kissed me and then I would turn into her Prince, you know. Alexxis: Awwww.   Dennis: I was trying to make a boring night more interesting. So Bob Ezrin showed up and the living room is kind of dark and all he sees is me, a big giant frog.  And he says “Oh, hello Mr. Frog” and I go “Ribbit” [ Laughter ]  Alexxis: [ Laughter ]  Dennis: So frogs and the color green are kind of in my DNA I guess. Now moving forward you know how working on music with Alice is, he's a natural. You know that movie Amadeus? The guys complaining that he has spent his whole life passionately caring about writing great symphonies and here this young guy Mozart, this kind of viral character just naturally writes stuff that is what better than his. [ Laughter ]  Alexxis: Yes I am familiar with it. 24 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Dennis: So well not to that extent but Alice is like that. I mean I would be working and working and working and Michael would be working and everybody’s diligently trying to come up with great songs and putting things together and Alice would watch tv and then he would walk in and spurt out a couple ideas that were just as good as ours! [ Laughter ] So it’s fun to work with Alice because he's very musical. I mean when you watch him onstage whenever there’s a cue, he cues it. He knows the music inside and out. So it’s fun to work with him because it’s not like ok we’ll write the songs and then the singer can write some lyrics and then sing along with us, he’s right in there. He's the guiding part of it and with Bob Ezrin’s involvement, which Bob is working on this. There is a concise approach. You know, it starts out with winging it and the thing I like about it is it’s still a lot of humor going on. We’ve always had that you know, it’s not that we don’t take things seriously but having the humor, ongoing humor, helps keep things from getting ten 6RFR7GVFRrB6vWBFV6RvV&V6&FrG&6vFWfW'&GBRF( BvBFW72WBFR66( 2F6rvBRrRfRƖ֗FVBFPBFRF'2&RF6rvB6WFW2B6vWBfW'FV6RW7V6ǒb^( &Rv&rvV^( fRBFRvB Gv6Vv^( fRv2BV"FBbVWWfW'Fpg&vWGFrFV6RBN( 27FƖRFB6bv^( &RFR7GVFBV2FVv^( G'BbfRFVv^( G'BPr6&"W&27FfW'VFFBBBBb60W&vBvW&RvRVgBfbWfVFVvFR֗76rw&VFVB0vV'WFW3W2vV( 2ffVVB2֗76VBFV3FB&V&VƖW2GFGVFRv2&r'BbFRƖ6R6ЧW"w&WWfVFVv2R6( BBb6w226rЧw&FW"RBBFFvFFRGFGVFRVFBGFGVFP6vVBWfW'FrFBvRFBRrFBv2FRW76V6PbFRw&W6ƖR6^( 27FW"V'G26^( 27FFW&RW3( 7W&RR2v2FW&R7&BBv2v&RFRFV2f"FrW2vFRW"W&WFPƖ6R6W"w&W