Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 23

Steel Notes Magazine down with Mia Farrow with her guitar for the first time and says “So, have you ever taken any lessons before?” And she says, “Only from George Harrison” [ Laughter ]  Alexxis: Oh really! [ Laughter ] Yeah, that’s not too bad there right? Getting to take lessons from George Harrison!  Dennis: Right. [ Laughter ]  Alexxis: Now currently I guess the words been out that you, Michael and Neal are all writing again with Alice and working on a new CD?  Dennis: Well yeah, you know since my book came out ‘Snakes! Guillotine! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group’ a year and a half ago and I've been doing book tours and all kinds of things have been happening and it’s been really unbe- lievably fun doing shows at book stores and having the band play and doing various things. Well, I did this thing in Dallas, Texas at Good Records Store and the guy is a  big Alice Cooper fan and he repainted the store to be the colors of the book cover which the book cover has pink panties on it. He painted all of this on a two-story record store, he painted all of the trim pink and he built a stage with a pink As- troTurf floor on it. I did a book event there and we got Neal and Michael to come out and he had built electric chairs for all of us. 15 minutes. I saw a thing on Facebook of kids out in their lawn chairs in the really cold weather with all of their coats on waiting all night so they could get there first and get their copy. Anyway, he filmed the seven songs, well the response for that release was so positive that we decided that we’re