Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 19

Steel Notes Magazine mals and Chelsea is also a great singer, but she’s not as interested in promoting herself and getting out in front of people even though she has been doing Comedy Improv! in New York City. So she is an entertainer that gets on stage in front of people fairly often. Alexxis: —she’s a makeup artist and jewelry designer too?  Dennis: Well she kind of does whatever she feels like doing at the time. Alexxis: [ Laughter ] Dennis: Because if you give our daughters an art project say, the first thing Renee wants to know is what is the medium what are the rules? What are the guidelines? Chelsea is like; don’t tell me any- thing, I’ll do it! [ Laugher ] Alexxis: [ Laughter ] That’s kids for you! Dennis: You know one doesn’t like rules and the other one does but they end up kind of at the same place. They both have very artistic trends and Cindy and I are very accommodating, our house looks a lot like Cindy and Neal’s mother’s house. All the musicians would go and hang out at their house because you could talk about anything in front of June, their mom, and hang out and have fun and stay late if you want. You couldn’t get away with everything because she was a Sunday School Teacher and she would correct you and it’s funny because Ron Wood was over at their house once in Phoenix, in the early days  Dennis: And he’s hanging out and he ash ed his cigarette, there was a big potted plant in the living room, and he ashed his cigarette in there and June saw him and scolded him and all of a sudden Ronnie turned into a little kid. He was like “Oh I’m sorry, I guess I’m just too used to being in hotel rooms.” And she said, “Well you don’t do that in hotel rooms either.”   Alexxis: I guess she told him! Dennis: But it wasn’t like hanging out at someone else’s parent’s house because there was this good vibe there and Cindy and I always had that. I’d have amplifiers set up in our dining room and if their kids came over that were musicians they would grab the guitar, grab the bass play and play!  So when they did drama at High School, we would have the drama club parties, and our house would have all cool lighting. So it leaned toward whoever is creative can feel comfortable in our house you know? Cindy’s the same as her mom you know, don’t touch the liquor closet you’re not old enough and that kind of a thing.  Alexxis: Right! Den- nis: That’s the wonderful thing about our life, Cindy and I love creative people and we know so many of them now. We’re a commute from New York City and we know people there so everything that’s cool going on we know about it. We hear about it and we can hop on the train and go and have a good time and we’ve gone out where you would rather sit at home and watch television or whatever but we’ll go and jump on the train and go even in blizzards, we’ve gone in. Alexxis: Really? How long does it take you to get there by train? Dennis:  An hour to an hour and a half depending if it’s Upper Manhattan or Lower. Alexxis: That’s great! Dennis: Yeah. In fact I’m going in tonight because Albert Bouch- ard and I worked with Jack Douglas the Producer. You know he did John Lennon and Aerosmith he did Alice Cooper and the ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ Live Album. So tonight the school that started the year, Jack Douglas graduated from the school the very first year it was in existence, and now they’re getting a new space and their naming it after Jack Douglas. He will be there and Albert and I will get up and speak to the young up and coming Produc- ers and tell them what we remember of being with Jack so you know its stuff like that. We probably go in like once or twice a week at best and sometimes we don’t go in for a couple of weeks and I think it’s great because when you live right in a big city it tends to get a little jaded because there’s always so many things going on. Alexxis: It seems that way when you live in it and have access on a daily basis. Dennis: Cindy and I only hear about the special things that are Steel Notes Magazine 19