Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 16

Steel Notes Magazine concept of the battle axe and Alice was going to oversee this fight to the death in a boxing ring that would come out from under- neath Neal’s drum riser. These hydraulic posts would lock into place with red velvet ropes and two gladiators would have guitars with two axe blades on them and there was a red gladiator and a green gladiator that had these shiny uniforms with helmets and they would fight it out and one would fall to the floor and the other would put his boot on his chest and Alice would go thumbs up or thumbs down to the crowd like Nero in Rome. Then this battle axe guitar made out of Plexiglas and jagged steel blade would rise up with a spotlight on it in front of Neal’s drum kit and then the gladiator, Alice would take it out and stab it into the fallen gladiator. Everybody would freeze and this big bang of smoke would come out and slowly move back underneath Neal’s drum riser and all this colored confetti would come down. Alice was supposed to, as we saw it, come out with a white tuxedo and pop cham- pagne and then we would go into a song called ‘The Winter.’ So this was all being built and the concept and everything and that would be the next Alice Cooper show but all of a sud- den it was nearly impossible to get a hold of Alice.  Alexxis: Wow that was some concept! So you never actually saw it come to fruition? Dennis: Yeah, we did 4 shows with it and got a great write up but unfortunately our record company bailed on us, our manager bai