Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 14

Steel Notes Magazine with three sides for the walls and slanted roof and a ditch down the middle was the bathroom for everybody. It was for as far as you could see this neighborhood and it was just unbelievable how many people lived like that. Here you have this guy on a hill with everything he wants overlooking that and I’m thinking Wow! How could your conscience allow that?  Alexxis: I know, they must have turned a blind eye to it... Dennis: The party had giant silver trays of cocaine it was very Scarface I guess, and that wasn't good enough for Glen. He was ready to go. So we were at the Copacabana in Rio, we played there as well on the same tour and one night Glen was just crawl- ing up the stairwell and we had an old friend that showed up, this girl Leslie who was a flight attendant for a Learjet and we would see her all over wherever the band went. All of a sudden she just showed up and it happened so often that she just happened to be in the same town so often that it was no surprise, hardly a surprise that she showed up in Rio when we were there. We said, “Hey Glen, Leslie’s here!” But Glen wasn't coherent he was crawling up the stairs. So that kind of stuff, excessive behavior was definitely happening with Glen and Alice where Michael and Neal and I may have been looser in the early days going on stage when we weren't in our sharpest frame of mind. At one point when we got a hit single, the three of us decided to buckle down, Ok we’ll have a drink after the show and we’ll party after the show but the show we’re going to play tight. So that’s what was going on and there was little bit of resentment towards the three of us who were trying to play as tight as we could and trying to put on a great show every night where this looseness had moved into the picture. There were nights when we felt we were definitely carrying the weight and you know the thing is the Alice character was so powerful that we could withstand that kind of thing, we could have an off night. When people listen back to recordings, you know bootleg cassettes or whatever from those days and they hear oh well, Dennis played a bad note here and there well they're comparing it to bands that just stood there and concentrated on playing you know? Alexxis: Yeah, sure... Dennis: With us, a bad note meant somebody threw a beer can at 14 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 you or Alice was poking your hair with a sword or something. [ Laughter ]  We had all kinds of things going on onstage and it was dangerous! Glen got hit in the knee with a hammer once and had to go to the hospital, Neal got a dart in his back and it was stuck in his back.  Alexxis: Wow! That does sound dangerous! Dennis: And M80s and we threw stuff at the audience especially around Toledo and Saginaw, Michigan they threw stuff back. [ Laughter ] Alexxis: [ Laughter ] Dennis: Yeah but we threw soft stuff like balloons and feathers, they threw you know hammers and stuff!  Alexxis: Wow! They would never get away with that nowadays!  [ Laughter ] Dennis: It still is scary because this Military Government, these guys with the machine guns that spoke Portu- guese were with us wherever we went. Well we were just going to go to the sound check for this gigantic thing in Sao Paulo and they put us in these armored vehicles and the street was solid people and these guys just started driving right through the crowd and we’re like “No, we don't need to get there, its ok take it easy!” And they’d just laugh you know? Alexxis: But they were running over people?  Dennis: They were running over people! So now there are these two vehicles, half the band is in one Alice and Neal and I are in one and Michael and Glen were in the other. They decide they’re going to race and this freeway is 8 lanes wide. It’s unbelievable! [ Laughter ] And these two guys were going as fast as they could, racing each other laughing and stuff and we’re like whoa! This is scary! Even though the freeway had 8 lanes wide, it had these little hairpin exits like from what you would have from a dirt road practically, and they both raced to the exit and it was side by side. These two cars were trying to make it through a one lane hairpin turn and the one car went outside of the lane and the end of the exit just went right into a street of a neighborhood of cars and people’s cars parked along the street and one of the cars just went over and smashed into a car and kept going!  Alexxis: Oh man! I would have been scared!