Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 12

Steel Notes Magazine Alexxis: Ok! We’re back with Part 2 speaking with Dennis Dun- away, speaking about his latest book ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group.’ Where we left off was talking about ‘The Billion Dollar Babies’ album and how you were in Brazil with that big concert with 158,000. So Dennis, at this point, how were you feeling about what was going on?  Dennis: Well, at that point the band was a little bit disillusioned because during ‘The Billion Dollar Babies’ tour things had changed in respect to new people being brought into the organiza- tion. All of the people that knew the band when it was operating as a unit knew that and treated us accordingly. But new people were being brought into the picture like body guards for Alice, 12 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 and things like that, that treated us like we were the backup guys and we weren’t being included in things. In fact, they would even screen our calls when we would call Alice’s room and stuff like that so there were resentments building because of it. It wasn't so much that we weren't invited to the after party after the gig, it was more just the fact that we were being treated differently by these new people that didn’t realize what the real background of the band was.  Alexxis: Ok so, it’s because the band had garnered so much suc- cess with the ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ album that the tour was kind of the pivoting mark of where this came together?  Dennis: Well that’s where it started and half way through the ‘The Billion Dollar Babies’ tour, it started to sink in that Alice was