Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 118

Steel Notes Magazine Tuesday released a special edition EP on both digital download and CD, featuring various remixes of Nightmare, as well as some oth- er songs close to her heart. A planned vinyl release of the EP proved to not be economically feasible, much to the dismay of both Tuesday and her followers. But a limited edition 45 of the song was pressed, and was a top seller among Tuesday's fans. Tuesday has admitted to being quite insecure and rather shy. For the beach scene of Night- mare 4, she refused to come out of her trailer in the skimpy bikini that director Renny Harlin wanted her to wear. The bathing suit she ap- pears in on screen, is due to her insistence on being tastefully covered up. Tuesday's brief nudity in 1995's The Babysitter proves that she has attempted to overcome her insecurities. At least while in character. In can- did professional interviews, Tuesday's shyness definitely comes through. And after seeing the way some “journalists” have treated her during the process, one cannot really blame her. During a 2009 interview for Fox News, Tues- day quipped that the reason she often yells “No” where most female horror victims would scream, is because she really can't scream. The news anchor wasted no time in putting Tuesday on the spot, making her demonstrate her lackluster scream just before the interview concluded. Like her professio nal success, Tuesday's per- sonal life is one of great triumph. She is a breast cancer survivor, and has helped with many charity functions. Including the Bling Your Bra auction held every October in Beth- lehem, Pennsylvania, which I am the annual DJ for. At our past two auctions, Tuesday submitted an autographed bra to raise mon- ey for breast cancer. Her 2016 entry was also signed by fellow Elm Street kids Danny Hassel and Lisa Wilcox, as well as Mr Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. 118 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Animals are another pet cause of Tuesday's. She is an avid advocate against animal abuse and cruelty, and shares her home with two beautiful fur babies. Fellow “Dream Master” Lisa Wil- cox who plays Alice in Nightmare 4, teamed up with Tuesday in 2000 to found the footwear jew- elry company ToeBrights, which was a pretty successful venture. Tuesday currently has her own line of Victorian, Gothic and Egyptian-styled jewelry called “Tuesday's Hip Vintage.” Her recent creations have been worn by Britney Spears and Madonna, among many other top celebri- ties. Fellow designer Stella Mc- Cartney has been quoted saying, “When you wear a piece of Tues- day's jewelry , you are convinced that she made it just for you.” Tuesday married her husband Paul Gregory, after about a one- year courtship. In addition to supporting Tuesday in her career and causes, Paul is also highly supportive of his Cleveland Indi- ans. A former pro wrestler, Paul currently works a stunt double in movies and television. Paul is also slated to work as a credited actor in some upcoming projects. Tuesday is currently working on some new music, which she is keeping very hush hush. My offer to give her some advanced press was so far declined, as she is not ready to let anybody hear what she is working on yet. That makes it even more enticing, and will undoubtedly result in her project becoming hugely success- ful.