Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 104

Steel Notes Magazine things. Anyone can dissect anyone of my records or our records and say that sounds like Mark Knopler, and that sounds like Jimmy Page you know, that came from a Genesis idea. All those things, they're all in there. I'm trying to get away from anything, there all tips of the hat and that’s the kind of music that I like. Then again I would think to some degree most musicians are doing that, you are what you eat. Rick - Who are your biggest influences? Ian - Well all the ones I just mentioned, I would have to say Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Who, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, The Police are big for me, the list goes on. I have a long list of influences. Any- thing can move me, anything can inspire me it doesn't mat- ter the style of music. Good is good and bad is bad. I never listen to Country, but I love Hank Williams, I love Bruce Springsteen as much as I love Eric Johnson or Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs. I love ABBA, you know good is good. Rick - Do you listen to new music nowadays? Ian - Not really no... I hear the computer programs not the peo- ple. We made an effort to put a record where you can hear the human beings making the noises. Rick - You're right every- thing sounds mechanical nowadays. I believe we’ve lost that organic feel of simply making the music breath. Ian- Yes like a human being. No everything goes on the grid and you get everything chopped up, that's not music, music is supposed to breath it's supposed to go up and down and in and out, side to side and that's the kind of record we wanted to make. All the basic tracks for I'd say 95% of the songs on the record were all done live off the floor. David, Chucky and myself just banged it until we got it right and that was the take, there you go. Well you got this verse and you got this chorus and you just chop it and put it! That happens too much in Rock n' Roll these days and that to me is not Rock n' Roll, that's a comput- er game. 104 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Rick - As a young band starting out today, what would you say is the most important thing they need to focus on? Ian - Practice...practice and continually refine ways to inspire yourself. The more inspired you are the more you’re going to practice, the more you practice the better you're going to get. The easier it will be for things to come. If it's a songwrit- er you want to be than work at song writing, you got to practice and the way you do that is you write. If it's a player that you want to be, a session player or a wicked guitar player than what do you do, you play you practice. You have to have that deep routed passion for it to want to get that good, and I don't mean good enough. There has to be a part of you that wants to be like your heroes or better. You may never achieve that but I think it's worth it to try. Rick - What should someone experiencing a “Big Wreck” show for the 1st time expect? Ian - I don't know...hopefully a great Rock n' Roll show you know. Ups and downs. I tend to sort of wear my heart on my sleeve a bit when things are going right, when the shows are really cookin' and things are really happening and sounding great and feeling great and the crowd is great, I tend to get pretty emotional, all of us do, I think I speak for all of us. It's a very raw emotional thing and I kind of hope that the audience feels that to. There's no guarantees but hopefully you'd like to come to the show for the first time and hopefully experience something. Rick - If you could bring back any artist from the dead, to compose and/or perform with, which would you choose? Ian - Ouff...I don't know...If I can bring them back I wouldn't want to compose or perform with them I would just want to listen to them, and listen to where they'd go. I would want to hear where Hendrix would be 10 years after he passed away and where was he headed musically and creatively. John Lennon where was he headed, I mean the list goes on. Jaco Pastorius could have he gotten his act together and gotten back into it. Where would a guy like that gone. The list goes, I'd love to jam with John Bonham I wonder what hat would feel like, but I couldn't pick one, it's too hard.