Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 102

Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Big Wreck Review & Interview with Ian Thornley by Rick Dessi, Photos: Joe Pacheco Who: Big Wreck What: Grace Street Tour When: March 8, 2017 Where: Théâtre Corona – Montreal, Quebec that, the tour has been great, the shows have been mostly sold out, and the crowds have been incredible, the crowds have been really, really receptive to the new stuff and then of course launch into some of the old favorites, they’ve just been great. For those of you who have never heard of Canadian rockers Big Wreck, you’re in for a real treat. I’ve been waiting a while to catch them live and needless to say they did not disappoint. Big Wreck are currently on tour supporting their latest release Grace Street which was re- leased in February 2017. I became of fan of their previous release entitled Ghosts and was immediately hooked. If you’re like me and get a high on intense mesmerizing vocal melodies, mixed with a solid rock, heavy, prog foundation, then you should definitely check them out. Ian Thornley is truly one of today’s top dynamic rock vocalist/songwriter and an incredible guitar player. The set was a great mix of new material from Grace Street and some favorite throwbacks. I described the show as a blissful jour- ney through musical warmth, sadness, happiness, melancholy and an overall powerful performance. I got to sit down with Ian to discuss the latest album Grace Street and some other fun stuff. Ian Thornley questions: Hey Ian, I’d like to thank you for taking the time, really appreciate it. Rick - Let’s talk a little about the new album “Grace Street”? How’s the new record doing and tour coming along? Ian - Well, the record debuted at number 1, that’s a first for us, so I guess that means it’s doing ok. The tour has been great, I mean other than I’ve already been sick once on this tour and I feel like I’m getting sick again. It doesn’t make any sense, it n ٕȁ)ѼɔeԁeЁѽȁ ѡݥѕȰԁe)ձЁɕٕȁӊéѼЁͽ丁%ӊé)ѥѡѡЁ́Ѽͥѡѕ̸ Ёѡȁѡ()Mѕ9ѕ́5饹)ܹѕѕ͵饹)Iፕа'eɕ䁑ѡ܁մ)]Ё͕́Ѽѡɽݐٽɥєѡ́ѽ)ͽѥձ)%L9%ӊéɐѼͅ䰁͔ݗeɔȁѽȰݔ)ٔɽ́ѡ͔ͼݔȁѡɽݐ)Ʌѡ͔́ͼݡݗeɔѕݕͽ)ݥѠѡȁѽ́ݔЁȁѡɽݐͽѥ)ԁͽѥ́ԁи Ё$Ёܰ$ѡM)Iٕ䈁́ЁոeԁЁٕ-܈͕)Ѽɕ䁝ٕȰѡɕ一Qɽ܁ݸݔ)ѡЁ$Ё܁ͽѥ́$ѡɔ́д)ѱѽՍ́Н́ɐѼхȁЁѼѡЁ)ԁܰͼͽѥ́ЁѡЁЁٕͅȁ)ѱаЁ٥ͅѡаͽѽݹ́ѡ䁕)ݡѡ䁡ȀQɽ܁ݸͼ$Ёɕ䁭ܰ%Н)ɐȁѼ$ѡԝٔѼѡՑ)Ցȁ͕$ݔѡͽ$)儁ݔѡи Ёݡ́剔ѡՑɽ)ͱ%Н́ɐѼݥѠѡȁѽ̰)ѡݡݔЁݕ́ԁȁѡѥɔɽ)ЁՅ䁙́ɔɽ͡܁ѡЁ݅䰁Ё)ѽ́$ѡݥѠ