Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 100

Steel Notes Magazine Michèl: I always get adrenaline during the brood when I can see that I did everything right. It is the same when you listen to the musik you wrote by yourself and it gives you goose bumps. So it's the same kind of inner peace you get. We talked about subculutre , similar feelings and thoughts and I wanted the guys to tell me if they also have been confronted to prejudice and stereotypes. Dave: You just have to take a look at the Hellfest festival. The inhabitans of the village still thinking it is a big event for satanist. Maybe it is the fault of Black Sabbath (he laughs). People think you are not confident and you chose to play music of the devil getting tatoos because of being depressive. The same for loving snakes. It is something strange and unnatural. I grew up in a very conservative village but I learned to let them talk. The worst thing is that most of them are fans by more alcoholics and drug addicted people as it would be in the case for metal. Michèl:“ Only freaks do that“ would be the prejudice of both domains. No normal person would do that. In the 90's it became popular to have tattoos on both sides. Boa and Python owners were always full of ink. Many popular musicans did it too and had at least one exotic animal for the right image without any know-how. At that point I wanted Michèl to describe how both scene have developped as he has a good overview of them for about 30 years. Michél: I started in a crossover band and used to play weekly in clubs. Meeting always more new people, you were invited to play at festivals. You had to play to become known. To get a recording contract you had to make a name to yourself by playing. Nowaday you become famous on youtube and then you start you play. So every thing is inverted, such a crazy world. Same thing for herpetology. There were only a few breeders and books to get information so you had to get to meet them. I joined the DGHT (German community for herpetology and terraristic) and so I get all informations. Everything happened behind the scenes in a small circle. With internet and television it becames more presentable. 100 Steel Notes Magazine Spring 2017 Another interesting aspect for me ist the language. At some point very technical and scientifical but also direct and honest. So I asked my friends to describe it. Dave: We speak a lot about equipement just like little boys dreaming about things they will probably never be able to buy.We speek about work and what happen in our lives. We laugh a lot ,make a lot of jokes and talk a lot about sex. (he laughs) Michèl : The conversations are in fact direct. I think there are as much envious persons in the reptile scene as in the music. So every one is searching for the most success and to play with the coolest band member and in herpetology it is the knowledge, to know the most latine names and to breed the most . Money is in everyones heads and nobody forgets about it. You can only enjoy it when you are free from coommercial thoughts. I don't have to be famous anymore, today I'm happy to play for my wife and my son as much as at conzert with 1000 people. In the world of reptile I just want to share my knowledge and offsprings to minimize the overexploitation in Indonesia. I also enjoy the success of my readers because I love tree pythons and so I'm glad for every single baby hatching. There you see how internet has turned so much upside down. This kind of handmade music in reference to these animals are things that you cannot create digitally, and I think thats what I like the most about it. People like me love nature an want to protect it. If I reach one of the critics with my article than I am satisfied. This issue is so extensive that I could go on endlessly, and maybe in the end we would find out that there are more than a few similarities. I think we should not forget why there are people who feel attracted to each other. It's because this is the way we can get mutually stronger and can stick togheter.