Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 99

Steel Notes Magazine built on Italian, Irish and German immigrants. They came to America, learned to speak English and flew an American flag in front of their house. They all worked 12 hour days and taught their children the same work ethic. It's that ethic you carry on, if you want something you work for it. As an Italian American we have the bond with bands from Italy. We share the same nationality. In the music industry it's not so much your nationally as it is your ability to deliver on records at radio. At the end of the day that's what it's all about. But once thing for sure is we eat good in the office every day. Europe? Where did your family come from in Italy? Is the Italian lifestyle still part of your life or is everything you do very American? A: Yes it is, it will always be part of my lifestyle. I grew up Italian and continue to live Italian. Our family is all from the south near Avellinoo and San Bartolomeo, Pomigliano D'Arco and Valata. All those areas are way cool. I went with my cousin's in Italy a few years ago to see all those cities. I've been 7 times including your neighborhood in the North. You came to Italy many times, visiting cities from North to South. What do you remember the most and what do you miss from the last trip you had here? A: The food and the Grappa. But the lifestyle is quite different. It's more laidback and there's less emphasis on work and more on life itself. You came also many times to Europe (outside Italy). Did you find any differences between Europe and the US, in terms of music and lifestyle? What do you like the most in Europe that you would steal and bring with you to the US? And vice versa, what do you miss about your country when you travel to A: One thing the Europeans have are killer festivals. They blow away most of the fests We have in America. Don't get me wrong, Rock On The Range, Maryland Death Fest New England Metal Fest are all amazing. But nothing compares to Wacken as well as Roskilde or Download in the UK. One thing the Europeans have right are open air festivals. You know many Europeans, given your job, and you interact a lot with them. Can you give me an adjective for each nationality? What do you like the most about Italians, Germans, British, French, Spanish people? (the one you know, obviously) A: That's a tough question, I have fun anywhere I go in Europe. Some countries have better food or beer. But one thing for Steel Notes Magazine 99