Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 98

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Luca Cerardi - Italy August 19th, 2016 International – Italy Interview with Munsey Ricci from Skateboard Marketing Ltd This month I have the pleasure to present an interview with Munsey Ricci from Skateboard Marketing. I have worked with him since 2003 with my former band Merendine and now with Not Over Yet. We shared many great moments together between Europe and United Stated and to me it is an honour to interview him talking about his italian roots, his long time experience in music business, skateboard marketing and much more…check this out! Let’s start: Skateboard Marketing, is celebrating 25 years in business. For the few that don’t know your story, how would you explain what Skateboard Marketing does and what your objective is for the future? A: We are mainly a radio promotion and marketing company. Our main focus is on radio promotion and artist development. It's a real simple process. We are known as radio promo Indies. We are the select few that have strong relationships with radio and records. We h ave that ability to get airplay for new and heritage artists. Every band needs airplay to turn on the fan base to something new and cool. 98 Steel Notes Magazine The first time we met was almost 13 years ago. The first thing we had in common was our “Italian Heritage”. How does that affect you in your daily life? In terms of music, your life experiences and your personal growth? A: It's kind of simple, the United States was