Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 97

Steel Notes Magazine permanent daze of his as I listen to this track. The music is a slow grinding onslaught of sound accentuated by riveting guitar. The track leaves the listener breathless and gasping for air by the time it comes to an abrupt end. This is a good song and I am sure Bob would agree. Track 15 - The Turbosonics - Jennette’s Pier The last song on the album comes from The Turbosonics who are out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The seagulls at the beginning of the track are fun. What I noticed about this track is that it reminds me of something a really fun party band would play. The fuzz and reverb effects are kind of cool. This song is the kind of tune you would want to see played at an outdoor venue where tropical drinks are served. All in all, I enjoyed the song, even the seagulls. So folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is that this is another really enjoyable compilation album from Bongo Boy. If you are a fan of the Surf genre you will surely enjoy this album. If you are simply Surf-curious, this is a good album to start with. I enjoyed listening to these tracks and think you will as well. The Grouch | Sweden (where we do not surf; it is too cold) Gnarly Wave Volume Two Now Open for Submissions Steel Notes Magazine 97