Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 96

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Track 12 - The OneNeeders – Hush I first heard about the OneNeeders from their track on BongoBoy’s Out of the Garage Volume 2. I really like the fact that these guys sound raw and are simply having fun. That is how Rock and Roll should be – fun! This song is no exception. It sounds RAW and the guys are definitely enjoying themselves. Take a listen and you just might find yourself inspired to start a band! Rock on guys! Track 13 - Dylan McGuire - Life Jacket I like the blurb in Dylan’s bio about how he got into Surf “way back in the mid80s”. Funny, but 1982 seems like it was just a couple of years ago…the first thing the listener realizes when this track starts is that Dylan can play – really well! In fact, the sounds he is able to make with his guitar are nothing short of mesmerizing. Dylan, I was literally spellbound listening to your work. This song deserves airplay. Track 14 - Nolan Voide - Surfing To Jamaica Nolan comes from the great State of Washington where he is currently recording his debut solo album, "The Forever Endeavor". The name of this track is Surfing to Jamaica which piqued my interest because I have wanted to visit Jamaica ever since I became friends with a kid we called Jamaican Bob in high school. Bob earned spending money in high school by importing various plants which were cultivated by his cousins in Jamaica … I can almost see Bob’s head moving back and forth in that semi- 96 Steel Notes Magazine