Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 95

Steel Notes Magazine Track 11 - Jenny and The Felines - Psychedelic Sea Their bio lists the band as coming from New Jersey and being a “power pop group serving up a guitar driven, female fronted assault on the ears and minds of all who listen.” Well, some of my favorite music is power pop (I think Cheap Trick can be classified as power pop?) Any band which describes their music as an assault on the ears and minds of listeners deserves to be checked out. I like this song. Is that a tambourine I hear? I could imagine people dressed in black doing a decidedly hardcore tango to this track. After the tango they would have to brush the hair from their eyes and hold their cigarettes sideways…I digress again. What really impresses me about this song is the way the intensity builds and the guitar takes off on a MASSIVE jam before slightly calming down and coming to an end. I would love to see their show! Perhaps I will be able to if I ever make it to the Bongo Boy offices in person. Steel Notes Magazine 95