Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 94

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Track 9 - Gar Francis - The Wave OK, I am biased, Gar Francis is one of my favorite musicians. This guy writes really cool songs and would be a ton of fun to jam with. This song is no exception. The bottom line is that Gar is a fretmaster with a tremendous amount of raunchy garage based soul. You really need to give this tune a listen. Radio Rotation on iSpin Radio via New Visions Radio Track 10 - Steve Laudicina - Wide Open When I read on the bio sheet that Steve’s influences include BB King, Albert Collins, James Brown and Booker T I sat up and took notice. I really like all of those groups. (One of the best shows I have ever seen was BB King shortly before he passed. I count myself as lucky to have seen him in person.) I can hear the James Brown influence on this track. If James had decided he wanted to Surf it would have sounded something like this, although James would have added som e sort of vocal noise (you can’t really call a lot of what came out of James Brown’s mouth words). Nevertheless, even without vocals this song has a massive intensity and I can easily imagine James sliding all over the stage as Steve plays the guitar. Fantastic song, Steve! 94 Steel Notes Magazine