Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 93

Steel Notes Magazine song like? The song is an absolute blast! I have never heard Reggae Surf before, but I dig it! I dig it a lot. You have to check this out. I had a big goofy grin the entire time the music was playing. In the words of my high school band teacher Mr. Case: “You cats can groove.” Well done, guys, well done. Track 8 - Agent Octopus – Chaparral First off, these guys have a sense of humor and a connection to old mythology which I like. Their bio not only mentions the siren's call, but also draws a comparison to “a melodious Kracken.” Music aside, Agent Octopus wins the award for best bio blurb I have seen all day. Onto their music: The term melodious is decidedly apropos. This track is 3:24 of beautiful music that is sure to keep the listener’s attention. I particularly enjoyed the leads and found myself keeping time with the drummer. Steel Notes Magazine 93