Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 92

Steel Notes Magazine Track 6 - Commercial Interruption - Prime Time Coming in at scant 1:40, I was eager to hear this song. I wondered how much of a wallop they could pack in such a short amount of time. The words “Gabba Gabba Hey” ran through my brain as I clicked play. After listening to the track I can say wholeheartedly that CI does indeed pack a wallop. To be clear, this is not at all close to Punk Rock, these guys are much too skillful a group of players for Punk Rock (Apologies to Me First and The Gimme Gimmes). I hear a definite Jazz influence on this track. It’s okay though, it’s good Jazz, not the kind that gives you a headache. The bio sheet says that these guys play a lot in New York City. If you happen to be in that area, theirs would be a really good show to check out. Track 7 - Blue Wave Theory - Lava Spout BWT comes out of the Garden State and their bio says that “the group's sound is rooted in surf music of the 1960s, but often incorporates elements of other genres including reggae, punk rock, and progressive rock.” WOW – Punk and Prog. I thought those terms were mutually exclusive. (Imagine Emerson, Lake & Palmer covering NOFX??) I digress (You see; I was ADD before it was cool.) SO what about their song, Lava Spout, aside from having a cool title, what is the 92 Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016