Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 91 Steel Notes Magazine Track 4 - The SpyTones - Over The Moon The SpyTones are another band out of New England. Who knew that New England has such a vibrant Surf scene? Next thing I’ll learn is that Gnome Alaska is home to a plethora of righteous Hip-Hop groups…I digress. According to their bio the SpyTones “play reverb drenched original music…” Well, that sounds interesting. For a band that bills themselves as reverb maniacs, the lead guitar on this track is surprisingly clear. I have to say that I really like this song. It is nice to hear a band that can just play. The lead guitarist on this track needs to be commended. I did notice a bit of reverb in the last third of the track, but it did not distract from what can only be described as the beauty of the lead guitar. Track 5 - James and The Enigmatic Light Band - Happy Happy Beach Song Coming out of Kentucky, I half expected to hear some Blue Grass influenced picking on this track. (Before, you scoff and dis Blue Grass, listen to some. Those cats can tear it up!) James likes to write “unique songs with emphasis on guitar”. This is one of those songs. Despite the fact that the song was a little slow for my taste, I could not help but groove to the music. James has some interesting things going on and he deserves a listen. Steel Notes Magazine 91